The Story So Far….


– transforming a place, a street, a city

Science Summer School started life a failing secondary school set between two warring council estates in St Paul’s Way, Tower Hamlets, East London.

Lord Mawson was invited by Christine Gilbert, CEO Tower Hamlets Council to lead the St Paul’s Way Transformation Project launched in 2006 to improve social conditions, local amenities and to create an entrepreneurial culture in the area.

Andrew’s approach was to challenge the government’s failing ‘silo approach’ and, instead, ‘join up’ the key local education, health and business players to help rebuild a place, a street and a city.

Place-making in St Paul’s Way, Tower Hamlets, East London


One day, by chance, Andrew met Professor Brian Cox at the House of Lords. Brian cited an urgent need to train more scientists and engineers if Britain is to flourish as a modern nation.

He also wanted to create an environment where it was possible to mix the many different disciplines within science and engineering and create innovative linkages.

Brian’s stated ambition was to find a way “to make Britain the best place to do science and engineering”.

Andrew mentioned the St Paul’s Way Transformation Project
and said he had access to a new school arising from the ashes with a leadership team keen to place STEAM at the heart of the school curriculum and students ready to be inspired.

Brian, Andrew and the school joined forces and St Pauls’ Way Trust Science Summer School launched in 2012 to great acclaim.

Professor Brian Cox CBE & Lord Andrew Mawson OBE,
Co-Founders of the Science Summer School


The St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School has helped to raise aspiration and achievement in the school and pride in the local community illustrating the connective power of STEAM.

Science sits at the heart of the school curriculum and a process of learning by doing is encouraged. From being a school without a sixth form, St Paul’s Way Trust School saw 66% of sixth-form students progress to elite Russell Group Universities in 2020.

The school has also played a transformational role in helping to rebuild a dysfunctional local community around St Paul’s Way.

This piece of place-making was brought together in a campus on a street in Tower Hamlets: a health centre, a new pharmacy with science laboratories, 2 new schools, 600 homes and a community business hub.


The London project celebrated its 10th anniversary in July 2021. Each year 400 students aged from 12-18 years take part drawn from St Paul’s Way Trust School and 30 other secondary schools in East London.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, both the 2020 and 2021 events went ahead virtually, hosted by Professor Brian Cox and extending the event reach to include students at home.

Professor Brian Cox meets students
keynote presentation at St Paul’s Way Trust
Science Summer School, London in 2019



Our first North Star Science School took place over 3 days in Rotherham in December 2020 in partnership with South Yorkshire Housing Association. The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 provided invaluable support totalling £37,500 over 2 years for this project development and delivery. Over 2500 students from local schools joined via Zoom/Teams experiencing a virtual event delivered for the first time in an innovative television-style broadcast format.

A studio presenter linked content including a keynote presentation by Professor Cox; online participatory activities for schools; and involvement by local engineering and tech companies based on the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.

Highlights included the Chief Test Pilot and engineers from Rolls Royce reporting on their bid to build a motor to power the fastest electric car on the planet.

We are now working with Work-wise to present the second North Star Science School on 24 November 2021. This will be a live event at Gulliver’s Valley Theme Park Resort and the Advanced Manufacturing Park, Rotherham.

600 Year 8 and 9 (12-14 years) students will attend from schools in Rotherham and Sheffield to hear a host of top speakers. They will also take part in a variety of practical workshops presented by local companies and schools who have been working together in the months leading up to the event.


Well North Enterprises is currently working with Mid and East Antrim Borough Council to create Science Summer School Northern Ireland in Ballymena in 2022 connecting with an extensive programme of STEAM activities in schools running throughout the year.


Well North Enterprises worked with West Lancashire College and West Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to present the first Skelmersdale Science School on 6 July 2021. The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 provided invaluable support totalling £37,500 over 2 years for this project development and delivery.

400 students from West Lancashire College and surrounding secondary schools attended this live event despite challenging lockdown restrictions. Professor Lord Robert Winston attended and met with sixth formers from the College.

The day ended with a special event to raise local business awareness in preparation for the 2022 project. ‘An Evening with Professor Brian Cox CBE and guests’ included a fascinating first meeting between Professor Cox and British astronaut, Major Tim Peake CMG.


A Science Summer School event presented in association with Well North Enterprises.
Well North Enterprises has created a partnership with Brooklands Museum, near Weybridge, Surrey to present the Southern Science and Engineering School at this historic venue in 2022.

Brooklands led the way locally, nationally and internationally as the home of innovation in motor and aircraft design and engineering from the start of the 20th Century.

The Brooklands spirit of Innovation – Entrepreneurship – Endeavour still pervades the site. It is a living and working museum with connections to 21st Century companies including Mercedes and McLaren. Brooklands has a role to play in inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers connecting with Professor Cox’s ambition to “to make Britain the best place to do science and engineering”.

The event will be complemented by a year-round programme of activities in local schools inspiring and linking students with potential training and careers in science and engineering. The Federation Skills Trust has funded a teacher/ coordinator for Year 1 of the project. This post will have a clear focus on including young people from disadvantaged areas and those with special needs as part of a levelling up initiative. Initial education and health partners include The Bourne Education Trust and Ashford and St Peter’s NHS Foundation Trust.



Ibstock has a close working relationship with Barratt providing 5 million bricks for building projects each year.

Well North Enterprises, Barratt Developments plc and Ibstock plc are now working in partnership to contribute to the broad UK levelling up agenda through design and construction of truly great places for people to thrive, putting health in its broadest sense at the heart of new emerging communities.

Both companies are already contributing practically and financially to the North Star Science School in Rotherham and the Skelmersdale Science School.

As part of our work together in Rotherham, we are creating an exemplar on the Waverley site of social and environmental innovation, through construction of 20 Zero Carbon Homes, connecting these into broader placemaking in Waverley and Rotherham.

We are keen to inspire local children through the North Star Science School to aspire to work in the multitude of disciplines inherent in the Barratt and Ibstock businesses and in the supply chain for Zero Carbon homes.

Potential future roles range from factory robotics, zero carbon materials, building design to heat pumps and solar panels plus corporate and managerial roles.

Ibstock plc has a factory in Skelmersdale and delivered workshops for students at the first Skelmersdale Science School in July 2021. They are currently working with the North Star Science School in Rotherham where it is developing a year-round workshop programme with a local school, and are also helping the students to understand the engineering skills required to design and operate the new brick-making technology. They are then better able to consider possible
career pathways in this hi-tech industry.

Ibstock and the students will also devise a special workshop for the 2021 North Star Science School to inspire other students.

Barratt, as well as driving the Waverley Zero Carbon project, is creating a linked school workshop programme in Rotherham for 2021-22.


Abigail Hutty is a Mechanical Engineer and works for Airbus on the ExoMar’s Rover. Abi has spoken at several Science Summer School events about “Life on Mars” – Engineering and Science for the Red Planet.
Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, space scientist, science educator and presenter of BBC-TV ‘The Sky at Night’ speaking at St Paul’s Way Science Summer School in 2017.