How We Can Help

Let a 1000 flowers bloom…

Our approach is rooted in empowering local people to take greater control over their own lives by using a business orientated mind-set to address social and community issues. In short, we encourage communities to dream and to enable these dreams to come true.

At present our society faces challenging financial circumstances. Despite severe cuts, there are great entrepreneurial opportunities if the moment is seized. Desperate times like these require big thinking but small actions. Out of a few seeds and new relationships – given the right encouragement and cross-fertilization – a thousand flowers can bloom.

AMP believes this is the time to build working partnerships between entrepreneurial individuals and corporates with sound business practices. We help incubate an enterprise culture that creates win-win scenarios for all involved. We are helping many businesses to move their agenda on from practising corporate social responsibility to exploring corporate social opportunity: aligning corporate and social goals.

AMP specialises in supporting the private and public sectors to work together. We provide advice to: government departments, local authorities, private sector developers, local enterprise partnerships, housing associations as well as clients in the education, business and cultural sectors.

Our services include:


  • Consultancy on regeneration development issues
  • Development of regeneration strategies and visions
  • Management of regeneration projects
  • Project evaluation, partnership development and funding
  • Financial strategies
  • Inward investment strategies
  • Business & community engagement and consultation
  • Access to the AMP network and political engagement
  • Promoting a practical approach to enterprise

The AMP team brings a great deal of relevant expertise:


  • 30 years experience of community engagement and social entrepreneurial project development.
  • Specific experience of education including turning round a failing school into a highly successful one with 100% enrolment. Understanding the importance of connecting a secondary school to its community as part of that process.
  • Experience of developing national organisations from a very small base e.g. Community Action Network (CAN): from £50k to £3M turnover in five years with a team of staff across the UK.
  • Experience of developing innovative, community based approaches that have developed into/influenced national programmes e.g. Day Care Trust, LIFT, Children’s Centre, Healthy Living Centres, Social Enterprise, Social Enterprise Magazine.
  • Access to decision makers with significant profile.
  • A show room of practical examples that showcase successful regeneration projects.