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Well North Enterprise CIC

10 innovation platforms for 10 towns and cities

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Grade II listed conference centre

Joining The Dots

Andrew Mawson Partnerships was started by Lord Mawson OBE: one of the UK’s leading social entrepreneurs.

Andrew founded the internationally renowned Bromley-by-Bow Centre nearly three decades ago. Successive Governments have used this, along with many of the other pathfinder projects that Andrew has developed over the past 30 years, frequently as national exemplars for successful community regeneration. Andrew’s championing and development of an integrated working model – involving health, education, housing, business and enterprise – has received international recognition.

Andrew Mawson Partnerships acts as an umbrella consultancy to a growing portfolio of regeneration projects. Andrew’s vision for building strong, vibrant communities, along with his integrity and charisma, has attracted many talented partners to the team with a wealth of practical experience.

We believe in the unique gifts of every individual in the community and this is the secret to our success. It is the people bit that matters and this is what civil servants and politicians often fail to understand. We engage government firmly but positively; focusing on bringing consistency to their multiplicity of approaches and initiatives.

We act as social brokers and place makers: we join the dots together. The company specialises in supporting the private and public sectors to work together. We provide advice to: government departments, local authorities, private sector developers, local enterprise partnerships, housing associations as well as clients in the education, business and cultural, voluntary and charitable sectors.

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Recent Projects

Well North Enterprises CIC

Well North Enterprises CIC

10 innovation platforms for 10 towns and cities
The People's Moon Project

The People's Moon Project

Come together to inspire the world to dream the impossible again. Be part of history, be part of the People’s Moon. #apollo50th
SS Robin: The Mother of Invention

SS Robin: The Mother of Invention

SS Robin is a national treasure, built in 1890 at Thames Ironworks shipyard on the River Lea.
St James's Church Piccadilly London

St James's Church Piccadilly London

AMP is working with the rector Lucy Winkett and her team at St James Picadilly to help re order the cafe and suite of church buildings


The Social Entrepreneur: Making Communities Work

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