St Paul’s Way Trust School’s Science Summer School 2017 with Professor Brian Cox

Science Summer School 2017, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, is in its 6th year.  It aims to inspire the next generation of British engineers and scientists on 25th and 26th July 2017.

The St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School has been successfully running for 5 years.   Its aim is to inspire 11-18 year olds from across the country to pursue careers in STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  This event provides an exciting view of cutting edge scientific research alongside exploration of scientific areas in greater depth than lessons allow or that lie completely outside of the normal science curriculum. Whatever the specific nature of the workshop, presentation or talk, the Science Summer School helps those with a genuine enjoyment of STEM based subjects to learn from some of the most influential and internationally renowned scientific minds in the world.  

Skills shortages in STEM sectors represent a real threat to the UK’s capacity for growth. Employers struggle to find enough future employees suitably qualified in STEM to meet demand. Although young people value mathematics and science education, many do not study STEM subjects beyond GCSE and currently too few are inspired by STEM to pursue such choices beyond compulsory education.

The St Paul’s Way Trust Science Summer School aims to promote the achievement and uptake in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects and careers. 250 pupils will have the opportunity to attend this unique London-based two day event in July. There is a particular emphasis to promote STEM subjects and careers to those students who are underrepresented in these areas but with an overriding aim of providing a rich and stimulating scientific experience that will not be forgotten by anyone. It looks to address the key national and global issue of a ‘scientific deficit’ by providing a truly inspiring opportunity for pupils through a programme of exciting practical based workshops, unusual activities and high profile guest speakers who deliver short “TED talk” style presentations.

In the evening, parents, families, friends and other guests will attend a reception which will include interviews with scientists and pupils by Professor Cox, BBC broadcaster and professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester.  Professor Cox will be the host throughout the event as he has been for the past 5 years.  Lord Andrew Mawson, who is a co-founder of the Science Summer School, will also be present.

The Science Summer School has forged and continued links with a number of internationally renowned institutions. These institutions have, and continue to support the SSS through a range of methods including financial support, resources, advertising and personnel. Institutions working with the Science Summer School include, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, XL Catlin, Queen Mary University of London, UCL and GlaxoSmithKline, amongst others. Notable individuals who have been involved with the project include Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Dr Hannah Fry and MP Vince Cable and of course Professor Brian Cox who is patron of the event.

Associate Headteacher Phil Akerman says, ‘This super event is a key part of our STEM strategy. We have a great track record of sending students, who have been part of this event, to top universities to read STEM subjects.’

The line-up of speakers for this year include Prof Ceri Brenner, Dr Suze Kundu, Dr Steven Le Comber, Lewis Dartnell, Dr Maggie Alderin-Pocock and many others.  Unique workshops will be delivered by the school’s most enthusiastic and exceptional teachers from the Science, Maths and Technology departments as well as colleagues from the Science Museum, the National Media Museum and the Museum of London.  A full programme will be posted over the coming weeks.

Each year the event has evolved and developed. Evaluations from 2016 were exceptionally positive and following the event 91% of young people said that they would like to study a STEM subject at university.  77% said that they were either already studying or intended to study Science at Sixth Form.

In 2016 the School started to go national, with young people joining us not only from schools across east London but also from schools in Bradford and from the north of England. On the 28th September this year Professor Cox and Lord Mawson will replicate the Science Summer School in Cumbria in partnership with the nuclear industry there, a local school and partners in the local community. Please see the website below for further information about the Science Summer School.

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Credit: Elizabeth Norden, photography

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