One Church 100 Uses

Challenge:  Many churches today have buildings which are too large for their present needs. We promote and assist the effective regeneration of churches for wider community use. We help congregations create dynamic and inclusive spaces that can become change-makers within their communities.

Our approach is rooted in a church’s local context – we build links with local entrepreneurs, organisations and enthusiasts. By developing effective working partnerships, we help to ensure sustainable futures for church buildings.

Solution: There are as many solutions as there are buildings, but the answers all need to focus on the same principles:



  • Explore ways of utilising redundant or underused church buildings.
  • Work with churches to project-manage the development process, coordinating building professionals to deliver renovation and new-build developments.
  • Help churches to convert their growth into enhanced and high quality facilities.
  • Advise and assist churches, with dwindling congregations, to generate community interest and funding.

Results so far:

We have identified key buildings and we are starting to build relationships with architects, development companies and social enterprises to create vibrant and attractive spaces.

We are already working with churches in London, Southern England, East Midlands and the North East of England. The projects include properties owned by the United Reformed Church, the Church of England, Baptist and Methodist denominations.

One Church, 100 Uses anticipates working intensively with approximately 50 churches over the next five years to attract major funding and redevelopment for their buildings. We also expect to provide advice and consultancy to an estimated 30-60 additional churches, facilitating strategic entrepreneurial thinking.