Corporate Social Opportunity

Andrew likens successful business to “a sticky ball”. The ball starts small with a group of strong-willed, like-minded individuals who are determined that positive social, economic and cultural change is brought about by practical actions not expensive policy documents. As the ball grows in size and momentum, it attracts other entrepreneurs who can make a difference to the lives of others by doing.

Over the years, AMP has forged strong links through projects with the Private Sector; Lloyds TSBHLM ArchitectsO2 are but a few of the names that we work have worked with. We are helping many of these businesses to move their agenda on from practising corporate social responsibility to exploring corporate social opportunity: aligning corporate and social goals.

We believe that the future of successful businesses depends on developing creative relationships with social entrepreneurs. These partnerships are mutually beneficial and AMP can expertly explain the new cross sector relationships that are emerging.

Read our brochure The Social Entrepreneur and Creative Design developing Community Partnerships that we have produced with one of our partners, HLM Architects, to see a detailed example of how corporate social opportunity works in practice.

Download HLM Brouchure