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Posted at 5:28pm 5th Mar, 2010

‘Andrew Mawson led a community revolution in Bromley-by-Bow and now inspires many to do the same. He has the credibility of experience and the passion to change forever the lives of those who hear him speak.’

Robert Ashton,

Business author and social entrepreneur

‘The story Andrew told was inspiring and he enabled people to look at their situation with fresh eyes and a renewed enthusiasm for tackling the challenges of their work.’

Allison Trimble

Director of The Leading Room, a cross-sector leadership development organisation

‘As the excellent feedback from our event shows he was both motivating and inspirational. As a result we have employed his speaking services again for our annual conference.’

Natalie Sutherland,

Policy & Practice Officer, Chartered Institute of Housing

‘Lord Mawson was an exceptional, inspirational and thought-provoking speaker, very supportive of the overall aims of the event. He provided a welcome but challenging alternative voice that was well-received by our business-orientated delegates.’

Paul Wheeler

Content Director, Base Communications

‘Lord Mawson’s speech on using your ‘entrepreneurial nose’ struck a real chord with those present.’

Sally Bavage,

Education Leeds


Fascinating talk and inspiring. Great ‘can do’ attitude.

Very inspirational.

Very good topic  and thought-provoking for the sector.

Excellent presentation – enthusiastic and informative.

Stimulating – made me think.

Billy Graham is alive and living in East London!

Excellent - proactive, refreshing, and interesting. Good not to have to think about tick any boxes.

Very interesting to see potential achievements with a refreshing, common sense approach.

Very interesting, good to have a challenge to more established approaches.

Excellent and inspiring presentation – well worth coming just to hear Andrew.

Excellent – he gives the sector the shake it needs!

An outstanding contribution – thought-provoking and inspiring


Inspirational, real and honest.  Some real food for thought in shaping the way that we work

…the quality of his preparation and talk has challenged us all to think harder and deeper about the next steps and processes

...[Andrew was] the best speaker so far: he talked with deep, real life experience, and used stories and examples.

[He showed us there are] no boundaries for achievement

I could have listened to Lord Mawson for hours!

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