Lord Mawson speaks in debate on the annual State of the North Report

Andrew, focussing on the heart of the matter, in the debate on the Institute for Public Policy Research’s annual State of the North report, and the case for equality of opportunity and sustainable productivity, in the House of Lords, on the 12th January, said, whilst welcoming the report: ” [the report] does not pay enough attention to the details of the business and social entrepreneurs actually doing the job on the ground.”

Drawing on his involvement in the Olympics and its legacy in east London, Andrew declared: ” I have discovered that today there is still one story at 60,000 feet in Whitehall—about how we have successfully used this event to regenerate the east London economy—and quite another story to be ​told, on the ground, about what made the fine words and statements deliver in practice.”

Read more here: https://hansard.parliament.uk/Lords/2017-01-12/debates/8F357833-F6D4-40BF-8364-D527CAD0DF5C/NorthernEnglandOpportunityAndProductivity