Bromley-by-Bow Centre

The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in East London. Working in one of the most deprived wards in the UK, each week we support families, young people and adults of all ages to learn new skills, improve their health and wellbeing, find employment and develop the confidence to achieve their goals and transform their lives. At the core of the Centre’s thinking is our belief in people and their capacity to achieve amazing things.

We are an arts centre, community centre, children’s centre, healthy living centre, centre for learning and social enterprise hub, all working together.

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Scale model of Bromley By Bow Centre – a healthy living centre.

This model is of a pioneering new health centre in one of London’s most poverty-stricken areas, Bromley-by-Bow. Here, conventional medical treatments are supplied as part of an integrated series of services and facilities, including a nursery, church, cafes and activity centres.

Treatment for illnesses and diseases may include singing lessons or exercise instead of drugs. The approach is holistic – looking at the whole person rather than just the signs of illness. The model was made as a focus for discussion with the local community. The health centre was built in 1997 and still thrives today.