Andrew’s First Amendment to the Health and Care Bill 18/01/22

Watch the full debate from Tuesday 18 January 2022 below, with Lord Mawson’s Contributions listed underneath.

Link to the debate published on Tuesday 18 January 2022



My Lords, there is just one amendment in this debate. My other two come further on.

Link to the debate published on Tuesday 18 January 2022



My Lords, I thank the Minister for those thoughts and comments. I also thank noble Lords who have supported this amendment and this very encouraging debate. The purpose of today was to open up a discussion about these issues. They have been very well aired and I think the discussion needs to go further. Certainly, I would like to take further with the Minister and his colleague the discussion around the implications. My concern is to ensure that the significance of place and neighbourhood and that the role of the micro is absolutely clear at an ICB level. Senior colleagues in the NHS where I am working warn me to be very careful about this. The danger is that fine words will be used, but as others have said, this is not about words; this is about understanding the actions that now need to take place to really transform the health service. The micro and the macro need to learn to dance together, and that will not happen unless there is greater clarity on it. It has been a helpful conversation and one that I hope will be taken further.

Amendment 41A withdrawn.

Amendment 41B not moved.