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St Paul’s Way Transformational Project Brochure

Posted at 2:20pm 18th February, 2010

St. Paul’s Way is a community experiencing change. Very visible is the rebuilding of St. Paul’s Way Community School (please see the architect’s visualisation above) where £36million is being spent on rebuilding and equipping this school at the heart of St. Paul’s Way. But this is not just about exciting new school buildings. New head teacher Grahame Price and his team are developing new ways of enthusing students for learning and the lifetime opportunities this will create. For example, with investment from the London Thames Gateway Development Corporation, a million pounds is being spent on equipping the school to take part in the Faraday project, a whole new way of learning about science. Stronger links with the world of work are being planned too. The school hopes in time to be able to link students with work experience at the new health centre and this could lead to jobs in health care, one of the largest sources of employment in Tower Hamlets.

It is not just about major investments at the school. Alongside these there are two other major schemes. Poplar HARCA has already begun refurbishing some flats on the Leopold Estate and it plans that more new homes will follow soon. Poplar HARCA is also developing a major new health centre at William Cotton Place where Tower Hamlets PCT is planning a comprehensive primary care health service for all the local community. It’s vital that these new developments are set in the context of high quality public realm and the partnership has been successful in obtaining £1 million of funding from Transport for London to improve the St. Paul’s Way streetscape.

To read more about this exciting project please click on the link below.


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